Where to Shop CD Cellar Online

What We Buy

We buy quality CDs, DVDs, and LPs that we think we can resell to our customers. Feel free to bring us any quantity of stuff to sell, during business hours up to 15 minutes before closing time. You don't ever need an appointment. For especially large quantities, we may ask you to leave your trade-in with us overnight or for a couple of days so we can take the time to make you the fairest offer we can.


Discs must be in good condition, free of excessive scratches, scuffs, and mysterious "gunk" which might affect playback. The cases don't have to be in great shape, because we'll replace those, but worn or water-damaged artwork might be a factor in our buying and pricing decisions. Same goes for LPs; nothing moldy, cat-scratched, or warped, please.

We do buy discs that have slight scratches, but generally we offer less on anything that is in less than perfect condition. We label these items with a yellow sticker that says "Slightly Scratched," and we resell them at a reduced retail price. Look under POLICIES for a more detailed description of our "Slightly Scratched" CDs.


We'll make you an offer on the items that meet our criteria for condition and sellability. Of course, that means sometimes we won't be able to make you an offer on everything you bring in. For the things we can use, we'll give you a CASH price, which we pay in cash or as a check (for larger amounts, based on our discretion and available on-hand funds).

We'll also offer you a CREDIT amount, which equals 30 percent MORE than the cash amount. This is an amazing deal. You can choose to use any combination of CASH and CREDIT, so you have a lot of flexibility if you want a bit of both.