Where to Shop CD Cellar Online


Guaranteed to play

Almost everything we sell is guaranteed to play just as a new disc, including our "Slightly Scratched" CDs. Only our "CLEARANCE/$1.99" CDs/DVDs and $1 LPs are NOT GUARANTEED.


We can only accept returns within two weeks of purchase with the original receipt, and items must be returned in the same condition in which they were bought.

If we are unable to accept your return, we may still consider buying the item.

We encourage you to listen to the item before you buy. Test it out at one of our CD or LP listening stations! 

Using our listening stations

You can listen to just about any CD or LP in the store. We have listening stations near the cash register. We'll give you up to three discs to check out at one time. We ask you be considerate by limiting your listening time, especially when others are waiting.

The listening stations close five minutes prior to store closing time, so plan accordingly.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are available in any denomination, and expire one year after the date of purchase.

Quality control

One of the things that sets CD Cellar apart from our competitors is our strict quality control. Years of experience have taught us a lot about the physical aspects of compact discs, records and DVDs, including just how much wear and tear they can take. We also know that our discerning customers can distinguish between "like-new" quality and "used" quality.

That's why we identify our "Slightly Scratched" discs clearly, denoted plainly by yellow stickers on each CD case. These CDs are priced considerably less than those with the regular white round stickers, whose discs are always pristine at near-mint condition.

We are so confident about the quality of all of our products, we completely guarantee our "Slightly Scratched" CDs the way we do the nearly perfect discs. We really do mean that they are only "slightly" scratched. Often they have just one or two visible imperfections, which in our experience rarely cause problems. Most other stores simply sell these discs at full price, without the thoughtful consideration we give to all aspects of each.